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Choosing the Right Shed Size for Your Needs

May 8, 2024

13 x 7 UPVC Summerhouse

When it comes to selecting a garden shed or summerhouse, choosing the right shed size matters. Whether you need a spacious area for a workshop or a cosy spot for relaxation, understanding what size shed fits your garden and lifestyle is crucial. Here’s a guide to help you determine the perfect shed size, starting from substantial structures suited for various projects to more compact designs ideal for limited spaces.

1. The Large Workshop Shed: 48×10 ft

For those who require ample space, a 48×10 ft shed is an excellent choice. This substantial size is perfect for setting up a full-scale workshop, complete with room for all sorts of tools and machinery. It’s also suitable for artists or hobbyists who need space for larger projects. The vast interior allows for storage and activity without feeling cramped.

48 X 10 Ultimate Tanalised Heavy Duty Pent Combi

2. Spacious Garden Studio: 30×10 ft

A 30×10 ft shed offers a generous amount of room, ideal for use as a home studio or a semi-professional workshop. Whether you’re into woodworking, painting, or need a large office space, this shed provides the flexibility to create a personalised work environment. It’s also perfect for storing larger equipment and bulky materials.

30 X 10 Pent Summerhouse Combi Shed
30 x 10 Pent Summerhouse Combi Shed

3. Versatile Medium Shed: 20×10 ft

The 20×10 ft shed is a versatile option that balances workspace and storage efficiently. It’s large enough to house gardening tools, bicycles, and lawn equipment while still providing space for a small workshop or hobby area. This size is suitable for most gardens and offers a practical solution for diverse needs.

An Example Of One Of A 20 X 10 Heavy Duty Shed From Midland Sheds And Summerhouses

4. Compact Utility Shed: 12×8 ft

For those who need a functional space but have less room to spare, the 12×8 ft shed is ideal. This shed size is perfect for storing garden essentials and small-scale DIY projects. It’s compact yet versatile enough to serve as a potting shed or a modest craft area, making it a great addition to a medium-sized garden.

12 X 8 Ultimate Upvc Pent Studio

5. Typical Small Garden Shed: 8×6 ft

The classic 8×6 ft shed is the go-to choice for most small gardens. Ideal for basic storage needs, such as garden tools and outdoor furniture, it also provides enough room for a hobbyist’s retreat or a small relaxation area. This shed is especially popular in urban areas where space is at a premium.

8 X 6 Apex Shed

Special Mention: The Summerhouse Combi Shed

For those looking for the best of both worlds, consider a summerhouse combi shed, such as our 20 x 8ft Pent Summerhouse Combo. These structures are designed to provide both a storage area and a charming summerhouse in one building. They are perfect for enjoying warm summer days while keeping your garden tidy and organised.

Choosing the Right Shed Size

Choosing the right shed size depends on your specific needs and the space available in your garden. From large workshops to cosy garden retreats, there’s a shed size to suit every function and style. Consider how you plan to use the space, and ensure it aligns with your gardening and leisure activities to make the most out of your new garden building.


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