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Installation Service

Our professional installation team can build it for you if you are not a handyman. This will give you more time for other activities.

Please note that our Professional Installation Service is only currently available in certain postcode areas. For more information, please talk to our sales team.    

We offer installation on many of our garden products. Please refer to the product pages for details. You can add installation to garden sheds, summerhouses, log homes, or any other garden building to your order by advising our sales team. Once you have booked a delivery date, the installation team will arrange for installation. All installations are completed on date of delivery.

After you have made your purchase, and chosen our professional installation service, our installers will arrive at the time and erect the building in the location that you choose. We only ask that you ensure that the base is level and firm so that the building can be assembled.

Garden Building Installation Terms and Conditions

When do we install our garden building?

  1. After you have received your delivery, we aim to have your garden product installed on the same date.
  2. We currently offer installation services to certain postcodes. Please talk to our sales team to see if our service is available in your area.
  3. Customers will be contacted to schedule delivery and confirm the expected installation date.
  4. Installations can be done Monday through Saturday. We don’t offer Sunday installation.

What you need to do.

1.You must ensure that the base for your building is suitable. It must be level, firm, and free from obstructions. Trees, objects, or any other obstructions that could encroach upon the work space are not permitted. The shed must have a minimum clearance of 60 cm.

2.  The base must be at least equal in size to the floor.
If you have ordered a SHED BASE, please ensure that the GROUND ON WHICH THE BASE IS LAYED has no obstructions. UNDERGROUND PIPES EXCLUDED.

3. There are separate fees for the installation of the shed or base if you order a shed and a base. Pricing details are available on the product pages. This must be done before the building is installed. If it isn’t, the installation will be canceled. This service is available only for wooden shed base kits. It is not available for eco or plastic shed bases.  The installation will be stopped if this base isn’t prepared.

4. Check that your garden has sufficient access for the installers and products. You must ensure that your installation team has enough space to park their vehicles.

5. We are not permitted to enter your property due to health and safety concerns or insurance obligations. If you live in a flat, we will only be allowed to deliver the building.

6. To ensure the product is installed correctly and to your satisfaction, it is important that you are present when the installation team arrives and you are satisfied with the building when they leave. You will be asked to sign a customer satisfaction agreement by the installation team. This form should be filled out with any issues you may have with the building. You will be charged a fee if the problem is not addressed by this time.

7. Contact us if you have any questions or need additional information about the delivery and installation.

8. We are currently unable offer installation for smaller shed accessories such as solar lights or insulation

Cancelled Installation - What happens to your garden building if it is not possible?

If the installation team arrive and if they are unable to finish the installation due to :

  • A suitable base is not in place.
  • There is no access to your garden, or the location of your base.
  • If you aren’t at home on the installation day.
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