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Garden Ideas for Spring 2018

February 14, 2018

The Best Garden Design Ideas for Spring

How to create the perfect outdoor space

Your garden is a great space which can be used as a relaxing and peaceful getaway from the stresses and strains of modern life.

Winter tends to be a slow and mainly dormant time of year for your garden, cold frosts and dew take over the veg patch and your flowers are kept at bay by that cool morning frost creeping in over the top of your garden wall. Spring is on the horizon, and now is the time to mould your garden into the space you’ve always dreamed of.

Garden Ideas for Spring 2018

Raised Beds

It is a perfect time to add raised flower beds or veg patches to your garden!

Raised beds add a depth to your garden hard to gain from a level planting array, they can be homemade or bought.

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs and are the perfect thing to spruce up your garden.


Ecological gardens

Whether you live in the city or the country side, ecological gardens have become more and more important to help protect the diversity of our ecosystem.

By cornering an area of your garden off and allowing the growth of native grasses and flowers, you’ll attract different types of bugs and insects which will in turn feed local birds. Not only will you get the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the different types of birds visiting your garden, but you will also attract ladybirds to your garden which love to snack on pests. Which are only renowned for feasting on your flowers and vegetables.



Whether you’ll use a shed as a man cave, a green fingered girls getaway or, with all of the improvements you are doing to your garden this year.

It is also the perfect place to store all your gardening equipment! Sheds come in a variety of shapes and sized, check out the variety on offer.


Summer Houses

Buying a summer house for your garden is a great way to make use of extra space, be it for the kids to play in, for a workshop or art space, or maybe even to have a spa and Jacuzzi inside! Take a look at the variety of products on offer from Midland Sheds and Summerhouses and choose your dream summerhouse today.


A Rockery

A rock garden or rockery is a great way to add an extra dynamic to your garden. A rockery also allows you to expand the variety of flora you can grow to species such as alpine varieties which are used to growing in rocky mountains with high levels of drainage. Rockery adds another dimension to your garden, yet at the same time provides a unique ecosystem for the local wildlife.



A pond is a great feature for your garden to encourage a variety of new animals, many of which are rarely seen.

With just a few changes to how you build and lay out your pond, you can maximise the ecological spread of the fauna in your garden.

Frogs, dragon flies, birds and newts are all examples of animals and insects which will love your pond.

Just insure your pond is an irregular shape with sloping edges so that the full range of animals can use the pond.



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