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Why Buy a Summerhouse and Shed Combo from Midlands Sheds and Summerhouses

January 22, 2024

20 x 10 Combi Summerhouse

In the heart of every garden enthusiast or homeowner lies the dream of a perfect retreat – a space that blends relaxation with functionality. This dream is now within grasp, thanks to the innovative concept of a summerhouse and shed combo. We offer an exceptional range of versatile garden buildings designed to meet a spectrum of needs and preferences. But why should one consider investing in a summerhouse and shed combo, especially from Midlands Sheds and Summerhouses? Let’s explore.

The Allure of Combining Space and Storage

The primary allure of a summerhouse and shed combo lies in its ingenious fusion of space and storage. Traditionally, a summerhouse is a place for relaxation, a serene haven in your garden where you can unwind, pursue hobbies, or entertain guests. By integrating a shed into the same structure, the combo unit maximises the utility of your garden space. This is particularly beneficial for those with limited garden areas, negating the need for separate outbuildings.

We take this concept a step further by offering a variety of designs that cater to different space requirements and aesthetic preferences. Whether you need a compact solution for a small garden or a more expansive setup, there is a combo unit that fits the bill perfectly.

20 X 10 Summerhouse Combi Shed
20 x 10 Summerhouse Combi Shed

An Environmentally Friendly and Durable Solution

One of the standout features of the summerhouse and shed combos from Midlands Sheds and Summerhouses is the use of Tanalised timber in their construction. This material is not just an eco-friendly choice but also ensures the longevity of the structure. Tanalised timber undergoes a treatment process that involves impregnating the wood with preservatives. This treatment makes the wood highly resistant to decay, fungal growth, and insect infestations, ensuring your garden building remains robust and durable for many years.

In an era where environmental concerns are paramount, choosing a garden building made from Tanalised timber is a responsible decision. It guarantees the longevity of your investment and minimises the environmental footprint of your garden setup.

Resistance to Elements: A Shield Against Weather and Time

The British weather can be unforgiving, with its dampness, sudden showers, and occasional harsh winters. A summerhouse and shed combo from Midlands Sheds and Summerhouses is built to withstand these elements. The Tanalised timber not only resists rot and insects but also stands strong against the ravages of weather. This resilience ensures that your summerhouse remains a cosy and dry retreat while your shed continues to store your tools, equipment, or garden furniture safely.

Joinery Summerhouses Combi Summerhouses - Midlands Sheds And Summerhouses
Joinery Summerhouses

A Hub for Relaxation and Creative Pursuits

Imagine having a tranquil spot in your garden where you can relax, read, paint, or indulge in any of your hobbies. The summerhouse aspect of the combo provides just that – a peaceful and private space detached from the distractions of the main house. It can be your personal sanctuary, a studio, or even a home office, offering the perfect environment to foster creativity and tranquillity.

Adding Value to Your Property

Investing in a summerhouse and shed combo from Midlands Sheds and Summerhouses isn’t just about immediate gratification. It’s also a wise long-term investment. A well-built, aesthetically pleasing garden building can significantly enhance the value of your property. It is an attractive feature for potential buyers should you decide to sell your home in the future. The functionality and charm of a combo unit make it a standout feature in any property, setting it apart in the real estate market.

20 X 10Ft Combi Summerhouse
20 x 10ft Combi Summerhouse

Customisation and Personalisation

Every garden and homeowner is unique, and Midlands Sheds and Summerhouses understands this. That’s why we offer a range of customisation options for our summerhouse and shed combos. From size and layout to finishes and additional features, you can tailor your garden building to meet your specific requirements and tastes.


A summerhouse combi shed, or summerhouse shed combo as it also known, is more than just a garden building; it’s a lifestyle enhancement. It offers a perfect blend of functionality, relaxation, and aesthetic appeal, all while being an environmentally friendly and durable choice. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Midlands Sheds and Summerhouses stands as an ideal choice for anyone looking to invest in such a versatile garden solution. Embrace the fusion of utility and leisure with our expertly crafted summerhouse and shed combos, and transform your garden into a space of endless possibilities.


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