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Top Tips For Designing A Cabin Playhouse

December 11, 2020

When it comes to giving your children a controlled and safe environment, the first step that you take should be investing in a high-quality log cabin or summerhouse. When you have purchased your garden building, you can completely transform your summerhouse into something that will enhance the fantasy in your children’s life. In this blog post, we are going to give you some top tips for designing a cabin playhouse for your children.

The Tips

Work With Your Children

You should allow your children to be involved in the design process of their very own playhouse and try to incorporate their wishes in every aspect of the design. Speak to your children and find out what they want; do they want a slide added? Maybe they want a small step ladder to make it easier for them to climb and descend their very own castle? By doing this, you will know that they are going to love all of it. Inside, you can even separate the interior into multiple rooms, giving them the ability to host sleepovers and do whatever else they might want to do.

Add Interior Accessories

You can do many things with the playhouse and enhance it even further by adding accessories to complement the aesthetics of the garden playhouse. If you would like advice on the different accessories to add to your playhouse, you can speak to a member of our team.

Use Colourful Fabrics

When designing your children’s playhouse, you should think of it like designing your own home; use colourful fabrics and other materials to bring life to the inside of the playhouse, and use materials that you also use in your property in order to make your children feel more at home.

Add A Reading Area

It does not matter whether your child loves reading books or they struggle to find reading enjoyable, adding a reading area to their playhouse can make all the difference; you can help them to get into the habit of reading by simply leaving some children’s books in the playhouse and leaving them to it. Add comfy furniture such as bean bags and let them exercise their imagination in a relaxing area; you can purchase ready-made furniture or even make your own if you are confident enough to do so.

Storage, Storage, Storage

This is probably one of the most important tips (for you anyway!); in order to keep your playhouse neat and tidy, you should definitely invest in some storage space. You can use a lot of things to store toys and other accessories that your children use, from wire baskets to wicker baskets.

We Can Help You

At Midlands Sheds and Summerhouses, we offer a comprehensive range of summerhouses, garden sheds, and cabins throughout the UK. If you would like to speak to a member of our team to discuss how we can help you or to receive advice on which of our garden buildings best suit your needs, please feel free to call us on 01384263192 today.


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