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Does A Shed Add Value To Your Property?

October 7, 2020

Discover the joy of a mancave shed

Every single person has a different idea of what they would use a high-quality shed for, from a home office or a playroom for their children to a workshop or a bar. This is what makes sheds extremely flexible and a great addition to any home. Although your reasons for wanting to invest in a shed may be for practicality, you should know that a new shed can also add value to your home. For this to happen, however, the shed must be installed properly and meet all planning requirements; some additions to your garden will automatically come with permitted developments, but it does not apply to every single garden accessory. We advise checking the regulations in your local area to determine whether your proposed shed installation will be permitted, or whether you must apply for planning permission beforehand.

Add Valuable Space To Your Property

Not every home can be extended or have their lofts converted to create more space; the versatility of having a quality garden shed is quite hard to deny. You could use yours for a home office, but the person who is interested in purchasing your house could see it as a personal bar, gym, or a home cinema. Of course, they will have to make some changes to the shed to make it into their own personal space, but they will definitely see it as a reason to potentially purchase the property.

So, How Much Value Can The Average Shed Add To Your Home?

The exact value that a shed can add to the price of your home varies a lot, depending on the current value of your home and the quality of the shed itself. Nevertheless, you could expect a price boost of between 5% and 15% to your property value.

Buyers look For Garden Accessories

A lot of people who are buying homes want a large, beautiful garden but viewing a property with a messy, complicated garden design that needs a lot of work will be an instant turn-off. Well, this isn’t the same if you have a garden shed or summerhouse. If your shed is built to the correct specifications and is structurally sound (which all of ours are), it’s a hugely appealing addition to your garden. For some people, the idea of having a garden shed is very desirable, so one already being in the garden is a huge positive.

It can also attract potential buyers who otherwise would not even look at your home. As an example, imagine that you reside in a house with two bedrooms and a young couple views your property with a look to buying it. They both work from home and need a space that they can use as a dedicated home office; in this scenario, there is very little chance they would go beyond a simple viewing if you don’t have a bespoke shed that they can change to be an office. Due to the fact that, when they come to view, both bedrooms will be in use and there is no spare room, they will not see that they can get the home office that they desperately need. However, when they see that you have a shed that they can alter, the possibility is immediately obvious.

Browse Our Range Of Sheds and Summerhouses

At Midlands Sheds and Summer Houses, we offer a comprehensive range of fantastic, durable, and high-quality sheds and summerhouses from our base in Brierley Hill. You can see all of the garden sheds and buildings that we offer by browsing the rest of our website, and you can call us on 01384263192 if you would like to speak to somebody in our specialist team.


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