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10 gardening blogs every shed & summerhouse owner needs to follow

November 20, 2017

If you own a shed or summerhouse, or are thinking about purchasing one, then you will probably have your own distinct reason for doing so.  If you are someone who has bought a shed for gardening or simple storage purposes, then your priorities will obviously be quite different.

The blogs listed below are not all strictly related to sheds and summerhouses, but if you’re planning to use your shed or summerhouse for your horticultural activities.

1. Glorious Gardens 


We chose this blog by Andrew Staib because of his captivating life story, and the way he has obviously carried a love of gardening and gardening design all through his life, wherever it has taken him. Taking him from Sydney to Hampstead to Sussex, Andrew’s blog has a simple, clear, pictorial style. If you’re looking to use your shed as the jumping off for your own gardening projects, then this is a good blog to help you organise your thoughts.

2. Vialli Garden Design


If you are wondering about the best way to make the best of your garden’s size and layout, then this is the blog for you. A self-professed Scottish family business, Vialli have an impressive design and landscaping portfolio. It’s also worth bearing in mind that any shed or summerhouse you buy will need its own place in your garden, and this blog has some great visual inspiration on that front.

3. The Frustrated Gardner 


This blog is the creation of Dan Cooper who, in his own words, is a “time-poor plantsman”. This is an unashamedly non-commercial blog, and the fact that it has been produced purely for the love is plain to see when you spend some time on it. This is a great resource for gardeners both amateur and skilled, with some great blog posts illustrating TFG’s many garden based adventures. If you’re in need of some help with your shed know-how, then check out the “recommended reading” page.

4. The Enduring Gardener


This is an especially useful site to follow if you are thinking of converting your shed into a potential greenhouse – there is a whole section of the blog devoted to this very thing. With helpful tips on ventilation, roof pitch, interior design ideas, and the layout of an optimum greenhouse. As well as this section, there are a whole plethora of exciting articles and blog posts which are sure to inspire you.

5Real Men Sow 


This is a wonderfully personalised blog from Jono, who began growing his own allotment with his “gardening-mad” Mum, Jan. Initially fearful that his efforts would end in abject failure, the end result has proven more successful than he could have imagined.

There are a number of valuable life lessons you can learn about optimising your shed through this blog. These include how to make the best use of an allotment (obviously), but also how to “grow your own savings”. If you don’t believe us, then take it from publications like the Daily Mail and The Guardian.

6. The Room Outside 


The Room Outside is another brilliant blog if you are looking for some gardening design inspiration. Particularly interesting is garden designer Lisa Cox’s “From The Drawing Board” section, which features her original sketches and conceptual designs for some of the amazing vistas she has created. For the aspiring shed owner and gardener, there are some great ideas for “flowers in pots” should you wish to use your shed for nursery purposes.

7. Successful Garden Design


Again, this is strictly a garden design blog, and while it may not seem relevant to someone who has just bought their first garden shed/summerhouse, it’s enormously useful as a resource for people who want to know more about seasonal planting. Blog owner Rachel Mathews has a handy monthly calendar, helping you to learn what plants are right for you at what time of the year. Rachel deals with clients from all over the globe, and she has some tremendously helpful video tutorials.

8. Vertical Veg


Vertical Veg is, as you may have guessed, a blog entirely devoted to growing your own vegetables. This is a really useful, in-depth blog about the finer points of watering, growing, sowing, cutting and harvesting your own veg. If you’re planning on using a shed to grow your own produce, or even just as storage base for your garden, then you need to. There are some really useful guides and inspirational blog posts to get you started. These include “ten great crops to grow in containers” and “3 secrets of abundance”.

9. Gardener’s Journal (Gardener’s Supply)


This is another simple, functional gardening blog, with lots of easy to navigate categories and lots of useful tips, articles and discussions. Again, for the aspiring shed or summerhouse owner, there is some great stuff about indoor gardening, including some useful blog posts on the technique of “potting up”.

10. Sumo Gardener


The unparalleled, astonishing range of helpful blog posts and articles on this site means that we had to add it to our list. The articles published here cover such a wide range of topics, that you’re sure to find a few resources which are useful for a shed owner. There are three main categories on the site to help you navigate your way through the vast library of resources – “Problems”, “Gardening Tools”, and “How To”.


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