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Useful Tips for Buying a Summerhouse or Shed

February 21, 2019

1. Building regulations and planning permission

When building a property in your garden that will consist of windows and a door (not your plan basic four-walled shed) but your luxury bespoke summerhouses and sheds, you, unfortunately, may need planning permission, the requirements for not needing planning permitting is 2.0m meters away from the boundary of the property, with a maximum overall height of 2.5m from the existing ground level, in most cases if the property has a 15m squared floored space, if you meet these requirements you will most likely not need any planning permission.

It is always wise to contact your local planning office to ensure you have met all the requirements and that you will not be charged! As if you do not ensure that you don’t need planning permission and you proceed to build your summerhouse/shed then they have the right to take it down if it is not permitted. It\’s better to give you your peace of mind and know you are safe than to risk it.

If your desired summer house or dream shed it over these requirements then do not worry, call or go to your local planning permission office to get a clear instruction on what to do next, there’s often a few simple steps and requirements needed to ensure you can build your desired summerhouse/shed, the main requirement if your summerhouse/shed is over the height and width requirements that need planning permission, if you can build your summerhouse/shed within 4-6 weeks and not disturb the peace, then you should be able to build your dream summerhouse/shed.

What may I need planning permission for?

  • If you wish to build a NEW building in your back garden, then you will most likely need planning permission.
  • If you are making an extreme extension to your building.
  • If you are changing the use of your building.

2. Peculiarities of Wooden Buildings

Wood is a natural material growing and adapting depending on the temperature, humidity and other weather conditions especially during the first month after the assembly. It is common that you must adjust doors and windows a few times during the first month after the wooden cabin has been erected and then once or twice in a year to keep them functioning properly, small cracks, knots and colour tone differences are not errors but inherent qualities of wood.

It is important to treat your garden house with wood preservative stain or other protective coatings straight after the assembly. Untreated wood becomes greyish and can turn blue and become mouldy or rot. We recommend that you treat floorboards with a wood impregnation agent before installation, especially the bottom sides of the boards because after the assembly you have no more access to that side. Having been properly treated your log cabin’s lifespan has been increased significantly. It is wise to inspect your summer house once in the year and retreat accordingly to the instructions set by the wood preservative manufacturer.

3. Size of your garden building

It is very important to think through the size of your summerhouse/shed and to ensure you buy the right one to fit. Here at Midlands Sheds and Summerhouses, we help choose the summerhouse/shed of your dreams and ensure we can find the perfect summerhouse/shed for you. We also offer free installation and free delivery! Additionally, we suggest you ask your family and friends, the people who will be sharing the summerhouse/shed with you and collect a various amount of opinion, as your summer house is not just there for a season it is there for many years.

4. What will I get in the package? And how are the log cabins delivered?

With Midland sheds & summerhouses you get free delivery and free installation within a 25 mile radius , this is for anyone who purchases their summerhouses or shed with us. Any shed or summerhouse will come packed nice and securely and of course waterproof so that your summerhouse/shed will be protected. We also strongly recommend that your building is treated as soon as its up.

5. Foundations & Bases for Your Garden Building

The assembly of most garden buildings, summer houses and log cabins are achievable by a competent DIY enthusiast, especially small and mid-sized summer houses and sheds up to 8-12 m2. We would always recommend that two people undertake the assembly and that care is taken with lifting as some of the panels can be extremely heavy. You must build the shed on a solid foundation.

6. Single or Double-Glazed Windows

If you intend to use your wooden cabin mostly during the summer season, then you do not need the expenses of double-glazed windows. Single-glazed windows are usually 3mm glass and come without sealing. Single-glazed windows are mostly used for smaller garden buildings within the requirements of the wall thickness, which can help you decide whether you need single- or double-glazed windows. Some of our summerhouses/sheds already come with built-in windows and doors.

7. Multifunctionally Cabins/Summerhouse/Sheds

When choosing what to use your summerhouse for, think logic mixed with fun. You want something that is going to be beneficial but also, they are meant to bring joy to the family.


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